Nutwood Day Nursery - a home from home for children

Nutwood Day Nursery is located in the historic city of Lincoln. The nursery is known for it’s homely feel and caring staff. It was taken over by Alison and Tim Wright in November 2014 becoming part of ‘Heath Farm Day Nursery Ltd’ group.

Nutwood Day Nursery strives to develop strong parent partnerships to contribute towards the care, learning and development to ensure each child is supported and allowed the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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553 Newark Road, Lincoln LN6 8RY

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How the day is organised at Nutwood Day Nursery

Our families access our main entrance to the left of the nursery. Upon arriving at 8am, the children will be offered breakfast and a drink. The children are split into three main room; baby room, toddler room and preschool room, according to their age and stage of development. We also have 3 communal rooms which the children access; a creative room, a snug used for quieter, small group focused acticities and a table top room. The table top room doubles up as our dining room allowing all ages to come together for meal times, making it a pleasant social gathering.

Wet and Messy Play / creative etc.

We offer opportunities for all children to explore water and messy play both indoors and outdoors on a daily basis.

Our messy play areas allow the sensory exploration of different malleable materials, including exploring gloop, flour, paints, mud and even custard. Our outside mud kitchen offers opportunities to role play and experiment using the mud and a range of resources as well as having access to an outside tap. Each area has age appropriate opportunities to mark make, building on their fine motor skills, creativity and also their imagination.

Structured Play

Our planning is based around children’s current interests. We explore ‘Talking tubs’ that have a central theme (Diversity, Our green world and Reach for the stars) in small groups on a regular basis, taking the children’s ideas and comments to explore their interests further. Activities are planned daily around the children’s ideas as we value their contributions and understand that children learn best when they are engaged and enjoying the activity. We encourage independence and give praise for their achievements to build a sense of belonging, making them feel valued and also build upon their own confidence.


We aim to make mealtimes a comfortable and social occasion where all the children can join together and enjoy their meal in a relaxed, yet disciplined manner. We encourage good table manners and the correct use of cutlery.

Nutwood Day Nursery has an onsite Cook to prepare all of our meals from fresh ingredients. We operate a five week rotating menu offering our children balanced and nutritious meals whilst catering for any individual dietary requirements.


Nutwood Day Nursery boasts a newly renovated garden area which offers various different experiences for the children to explore and engage in. Our messy corner houses the mud kitchen to encourage imagination and role play whilst the vegetable patch supports children to learn about growth and how things change over time and develops their knowledge and understanding of the world. We have a large deep sandpit to help the development of gross motor skills, encouraging children to join together in cooperative play. The differing range of ride-on bikes supports children to pedal, steer, balance and sharing as they ride around the patio area. We also have a range of climbing opportunities to help with physical development that include a balance beam, climbing tyre area and a large climbing frame with attached slide. Nutwood’s garden also gives the opportunity for the children to use their imaginations and create den areas using a wide range of materials. The outdoor area covers all areas of learning and development and is continually extended as children’s interests change.