Making nurseries a home from home for children

Heath Farm Day Nursery is surrounded by open countryside and farm land, Lincoln Cathedral is visible on the horizon giving a beautiful outlook towards the city. There is a feeling of space and rural tranquility at Heath Farm Day Nursery, yet it is easily accessible to surrounding villages and Lincoln which is only 5 miles away.

Historically the premises was known as Heath Farm and dates back to 1830. In the 1970’s some of the barns were converted to provide a family dwelling and the name was changed to The Granary. Tim and Alison have reinstated the title of Heath Farm for the nursery, following the conversion of redundant farm buildings in 2002. Pigs, sheep, chickens and domestic pets also enhance the rural feel of the nursery.

Heath Farm Day Nursery offers a homely, caring and fun environment for your child. The team aim towards providing a stimulating and structured environment in which all children can flourish, whilst their parents can feel reassured that their children are happy!

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How the day is organised at Heath Farm Day Nursery

Upon arrival in the morning the children will be offered breakfast and a drink. They are then guided into small groups according to their age and the ratio of staff to children. The children will then move around the different areas of the nursery and participate in the various activities in each area.

Wet and Messy Play / Creative area »

This area will host the painting, water, sand, soil and clay play! In fact - anything wet or messy! A structured activity in this area will always reflect the monthly theme.

Table-top / Mini kitchen area »

The table-top area will be used for activities such as weighing, measuring, small construction, snipping and sticking, playdoh and a host of other activities. Small group activities such as table-top games will be a regular sessional feature as well as puzzles, colouring and board games.

During each session a group of children will be involved in doing a food preparation activity. This may take the form of weighing out pasta, making cakes or biscuits, or simply counting out fruit segments.

The Dining Room / Mealtimes »

We aim to make mealtimes a comfortable and social occasion when all the children can join together and enjoy their meal in a relaxed, yet disciplined manner. We encourage good table manners and the correct use of cutlery.

Heath Farm Day Nursery has a full time Cook to prepare all of our meals on the premises and from fresh ingredients. We offer a different meal each day throughout the week and follow a five week menu to ensure that we provide a wide variety of meals for all the children. We also follow a healthy eating plan and have our 5 a day fruit & veg plan in operation!

The Nursery Garden »

The outdoor area at Heath farm Day Nursery is large, spacious and varied. The children have their own vegetable garden, the produce of which they will use in the kitchen for their meals. The children will be involved with planting seeds, watering, weeding and harvesting from their garden.

There are various secretive seated areas around the garden for quiet and reflective moments. There are play houses and a variety of slides and apparatus to suit the seasonal needs. In fine weather, whatever the season the children will be outside as much as possible, even for a picnic tea!

Outdoor Play »

The Ride-on-toy patio has a selection of trikes and vehicles. Other patio areas enable year round outdoor activities such as a chalk board, sand and water play.

All children will have the opportunity for outdoor free play and a structured outdoor activity during each session. We aim to encourage your child to accomplish a host of physical skills using their body and small apparatus.

Our nature garden, hosts balance beams, willow arches, stepping logs, boulders and a large sandpit. We also have a pet area with rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, sheep and chickens. The children always enjoy going on outings into the field to feed the animals and love to see the lambs and piglets when they arrive.

Learning through structured play »

Whilst we endeavour to provide a learning orientated environment that will encourage participation in activities, we would like to stress that there is unlimited learning potential in structured play.

Whilst some children may enjoy from an early age a more formal approach, like sitting quietly at a table some children do not. If this is the case, then we shall look for other ways to engage participation and to achieve the desired outcome. This may take the form of an outdoor activity or a more manipulative activity.

For example your child may be happier to write their letters in the sand with a stick than in a book with a pencil. If at the end of the activity they have learnt how to form and to recognise their letters then we have made progress. Your child’s happiness is paramount. If a child is happy then they will learn.

The ratios at Heath Farm Day Nursery are; 1:3 for under 2 yrs, 1:4 for 2-3 yrs and 1:8 for 3+ yrs.

Upstairs »

We have a lovely sleep room and cot room upstairs where the children take their naps and which can double up as an additional space for quiet group activities.

The staff room is also upstairs to enable the staff to take a well-earned “5 minutes peace” away from the children and carry out preparation and planning work.  The views across the fields to the Cathedral are fabulous!