Making nurseries a home from home for children

The group of  nurseries operate under the husband and wife partnership of Tim and Alison Wright. As busy parents of four children, with an awareness and understanding of the pressures upon family life in today’s society, This awareness makes the nurseries a home from home for the children that attend them, helping you to feel happy that your child is happy at nursery.


From babies to pre-school age children each nursery offers a superb experience, enhanced by proficient and knowledgeable staff that not only enjoy working with children but excel in early years learning and development.

Your child will have a busy time at Nursery with a host of stimulating activities to enjoy. All nurseries encourage healthy eating by involving children with baking and cooking for their meal times as well as making treats to take home. Vegetable gardens and planters help to teach the children about where their food comes from.

Each session will operate within a framework of routine to help your child to feel comfortable and secure in their activities. The daily structure will also ensure that your child is exposed to a balanced curriculum. There is a varied mix of free play group activities or staff led activities both in and out of doors. As your child gets older they will be guided through a slightly more structured learning programme that will equip them with skills that will enable them to start school with confidence.

By reinforcing activities at home, talking to your child about what they have done and are going to do, and bringing in items to show the other children, you will be greatly enhancing the learning potential of each nursery session.